Blooming and playing very well – Golf de Reims

Golf de Reims is the golf course in France’s Champagne region. It is almost a 2 –hour drive to the north east of Paris. It is one Golf course offering great values for money including a 25% off on green fees as well. It has a rich heritage having built in 1928; history buffs would naturally have an inclination towards its clubhouse and tracks. The moated castle which is a part of the course was exclusively built for Henry who ruled until 1610. The building is perfectly built and looks spectacular and has gained praise from so many artistic reviewers too. This particular building could be used as an after joint for the players for a cup of tea and snacks and is warm to hang around with your friends’ gang. No amount of stress or dissatisfaction of scoring a low score could take away the happiness in having an after drink in the gorgeous building after the game.

How are the holes named?

When you take a tour around the golf course, you would be surprised at how much thinking has gone even into naming the holes. The region by itself is famous for the wine and other beverages made of alcohol. All through the golf course, there will be something reminding you of the region you are. The clubhouse is enthralling enough for views and the players who play there could not get enough of the clubhouse.

Every hole is named after a famously sought after champagne. The place is completely forested after the initial rounds of holes. It is best suited for the long shots. A lake inside the course perfectly paves way for some fun at fishing as well. When you actually want to relax with a game and some drinks, what better way to unwind than some fishing ion between the game. It works as a complete break from your long shots.

Midsection of the course

The mid section of the ground transcends into greens offering numerous ways to get those perfect shots. There are many straight par fours which increase the chances of picking up great shots. The huge green actually aids in seeing so many make par although for a tetchy player could not do well with the waters looming large. The players should think about playing a small par 3 by the pond.

The par 4 bends steep to the right, hence the players should watch out cutting of the dogleg or will straight land up on the way to their drinks session again. The pond and lake dominate most of the course on the right. It stretches quite far from the fairway all through to the green.

Holes and bunkers

Some players could easily get excited just by looking at the name of the holes in this golf course. Each hole bears a name of an alcoholic drink reminding you of the course and city you are playing often.

The opening hole sharply doglegs towards the left and players need to hit the iron strong and play continuously for position. The players are expected to work on their style and hit the ball off the tee.

The same set of theme needs repetition around the course with several holes. The set of actions and styles could be fixated easily for a player and it gets easier once you start concentrating on your shots.

Once you are done through the initial set of holes, the layout completely changes leading to a forested area all set for those long shots. There are too many trees which act as a hazard on the otherwise green and lavishing resort.

The bunkers are placed strategically all across the golf course. These bunkers enable the player to stop the game and think of the tees. There are wide spaces at various levels so you could open your shoulder with a huge stick in the hand.

The greens are so lavish running thick which pose as a double break making it generally tough for the players.

The course is perfect for a relaxing and exciting game of golf. It promises a fantastic finish. The course is maintained really well. It is perfect for accommodating players with any kind of handicap.

When you walk across the golf course

The huge golf course is perfect for taking those active steps. Its plush green and lake by the right side of the course offer a perfect distraction when you are not playing the game. Remember to take your fishing gear along. It helps you relax better when you need a break from your shots. Golf has been a game which could be relaxing and also keep you active. The steps you actually take through a golf course in between strikes could actually help as your walking exercise while you actually are not aware about it.

The activity in a golf course could be classifies under moderate or vigorous depending on the number of holes you are playing and the number of strides you take. On a golf course as big as this, there is a possibility of the player taking around 12000 steps across the course and the entire game which is categorized as vigorous activity for an average age of 45. It is therefore encouraging to play golf everyday of the week as it offers a perfect balance of walking steps (footjoy golfing shoes) and activity.

This golf course has 6621 yards of whites and 5664 yards of blues on a par 72. While the length of the reds is around 5374 yards there is around 6280 yards of yellows. The course is maintained to perfection as in the new players could have their every shot examined to perfection. If you are a pro golfer and are visiting France, this course should top your list of mandatory visits. Not for the golfing experience alone but for having the view of the ravishing clubhouse as well. It would definitely be different from the rest of the courses you have been playing all along. It has some scintillating greens and plush forests to bring those thrilling sets of games.